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This set of Web documents is adapted from the Rec.Org.Mensa FAQ, written by Phil Hill. A very special thank you to Mr. Hill, who graciously allowed us to use his work here.


What is Mensa, and Why Should I Join?


The People of Mensa

Who is Mensa for?

What kind of people are Members of Mensa?

What famous people are in Mensa?


The Nitty-Gritty on Joining Mensa

What are the Qualifications for Mensa?

What are Mensa's dues?

How do I apply for membership in Mensa?

For USA residents

For everyone else.


How do I Re-Join Mensa?

If you were a member at any time in the past, contact your national office and they can reinstate your membership after the payment of the current year's dues.

What other High-IQ Societies are there?

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