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The Nitty-Gritty on Joining Mensa


What are the Qualifications for Mensa?

Qualification By Providing Prior Evidence

Applicants must supply evidence of intelligence test scores in the top 2% of the population, or arrange to have it sent. All documentation will be returned. Notarized photostatic copies of original documents are usually acceptable.

A list of qualifying scores is available at

# Note: The term "IQ score" is used as a convenient, easily understood reference. Candidates for membership in Mensa must achieve a score at or above the 98th percentile on a standard test of intelligence. The "IQ Score" varies from test to test, as shown by the list above.

Mensa reserves the right to alter or change these norms as the tests shown are renormed or restandardized. All prior evidence submitted to Mensa will be appraised individually and Mensa reserves the right to make the final determination about the acceptability of any test.

To Obtain Prior Evidence:

I.Q. Tests Given in Elementary or High Schools

Write to the school you attended, and ask for a CERTIFIED copy of your score. It must include your birth date, the grade in which you took the test, the name of the test, and a clearly defined number, i.e., IQ, or percentile rank nationally. Mensa does not accept achievement tests. School seal must be stamped.


Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Scores

A certified copy of your records, which you may have, or a copy from Demobilized Records Branch, St. Louis, MO. Unfortunately, a fire there destroyed many records some years ago.

Memo on Military Scores

The only scores that Mensa can accept are: the AGCT scores from the Army (before the use of the ASVAB began in October 1980), and the GT scores from the Navy (also before the use of the ASVAB began). The new military tests are vocational aptitude tests and are not suitable for Mensa admission. Mensa has been specifically asked not to use them for this purpose. This is unfortunate, but communication with the government agency that makes up and distributes the tests (ASVAB) indicates clearly that they are unsuitable for Mensa's purposes.


Individual Testing Done by a Psychologist or Agency

The report must be sent to Mensa on professional letterhead, with the psychologist's or agency's license or registration number. Mensa accepts only tests given by those people qualified to do testing privately in the state in which the examiner resides. Date of test, name of test, and full score must be given, and the report must be signed.


Miller Analogies Test (MAT)

Psychological Corp., 555 Academic Ct., San Antonio, TX 78204 Call 512-299-1061 for the latest advice.


Qualification Through Mensa Testing

If you're not sure whether you're Mensa material, simply complete an application and return it with your check or money order for the appropriate amount. (Click here for an application for American Mensa Ltd.; click here for a list of people you may contact for further information on joining most other nations' Mensas.) Mensa will send you a pretest you can take in the privacy of your home. When you've finished it, send it back to Mensa. It will be scored, and you will be notified of the results.

If your pretest score indicates an IQ at or above the 95th percentile, you'll be invited to take the qualifying supervised test#, which costs $30. Test takers may submit $5 coupons if they've received any Mensa Bucks from friends or American Mensa. (Although the pre-test is not required for admission, many people take it anyway simply for the challenge.)

If you prefer, you may apply directly to take the supervised test at one of many locations convenient to you. Tests are given monthly, generally in Arlington, Virginia but often in Herndon, Virginia or Montgomery Village, Maryland. We generally list the dates on this Web site's front page. If your score on that test is at or above the 98th percentile, you'll be offered membership in Mensa.

Note: Mensa's tests are not valid for people under the age of 14; they can qualify for membership via prior evidence, described earlier.

Contact MWM's Testing Coordinator, Molyneau DuBelle at or 703-528-MENSA (703-528-6367) for further information on qualification or testing dates and locations.

Are you surrounded by bright people? Moly mentions occasionally ventures out to schools or offices for group testing.


What Are Mensa's Dues?

American Mensa's dues are $52 a year. There are special student, family and lifetime memberships dues when membership is offered. This includes a subscription to the national newsletter (the Bulletin) and a subscription to our local newsletter, Capital M.

Information on International Mensas is coming soon.

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